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Sell Solar Virtually Like a Pro.

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7 Day Trial

Full Access

$ 199

per month

Access to the VSC Virtual Solar Course and Weekly Training


✔️  20+ Hours of Training Content

✔️  Virtual Solar Sales Course

✔️  Weekly Training Sessions

✔️  National Installation Network

✔️  Access to VSC Community

Most Popular

Virtual Tool Kit


per month

Every tool a Virtual Solar Pro needs


✔️  Everything in Full Access

✔️  Powerful Auto Dialer

✔️  Integrated Booking System

✔️  Automated Back-Office

✔️ Installers in Every State

✔️ Project Management System


$ 1999

one time

Only for those ready to commit to a month of training hell


✔️  One Month of Virtual Tool Kit

✔️  Intense Month Long Bootcamp

✔️  12 x Call Review Sessions

✔️  Ultra Personalized Training

✔️  Complete Script Overhaul


More Details...

A Breakdown of Exactly What You Get For Each Option



Virtual Solar Sales Course

An intensive course curriculum focusing on absolutely everything Virtual Solar Sales. A deep dive into the infrastructure and tools needed to be successful, the fundamentals of proper Sales Philosophy, the correct way to Frame Solar to customers and understand it as Sales Pros, the intricate structure of scripts, how to set up golden appointments, and an intense look into what makes a perfect closing call and the structure that needs to be used. This course goes hand in hand with the Weekly Training Sessions - VSC members are strongly suggested to attend every single Weekly Training session (free for all VSC Members) to get the best results possible. Just reviewing the course material will not yield maximum results!

Weekly Training Sessions

Every week VSC holds exclusive training sessions for VSC members only. During these training sessions we will be going over requested topics and reviewing course material and how to implement it in order to maximize potential results. It is strongly suggested for all VSC members to review Course Materials as well as show up for every weekly training session. The two go hand in hand and only doing one will not yield maximum results!

National Installation Network

All VSC members gain access to our National Installation Network capable of getting Sales installed in every market in the US! A National Installation Network is key for any Virtual Solar Sales Pro that wants to sell remotely into other states. Our National Installation Network comes with Competitive Redlines, Finance Options, Location-Dependent Platforms to Design Systems + Sell on, and a full admin team looking after your customers. Contact VSC if you would like to take advantage of our National Installation Network and we will get you set up ASAP.

Access to VSC Community

The VSC Community is an exclusive community filled with Virtual Solar Sales Pros all working towards the same goals. As a VSC member you gain access to our private Slack Channels, Events, and a massive amount of resources and people to network with. Become a Member - join the Community.


Everything in Full Access
Enjoy all the benefits in the Full Access membership as well as the following:

Powerful Auto Dialer
VSC has partnered with one of the best dialing platforms in the world in order to maximize VSC Members results. A Fully customizable Multi-Dialer with local phone numbers and a completely automated dialing experience - no more manual dialing or "Click to Dial" allowed! Just sit back as this dialer calls through your leads until someone answers. You will also get a "Reschedule Campaign" set up in which all of your No-Show's will automatically be added into - that means you won't need to keep track of No-Shows anymore and instead just launch your No-Show dialer campaign at the beginning of every day to book back in your No-Shows! Full onboarding and training on how to use the dialer is included.

Integrated Booking System

You'll get access to a booking system that is integrated into your dialer and leads in the back-end. It will keep track of your availability, seamlessly displays all your upcoming and past appointments, allows for notes and rescheduling, and hosts a wide range of automations such as confirmation texts/emails, reminder texts/emails, No-Show Follow up Texts/Email, and more...

Automated Back-Office

Fully Automated Back-Office that is managed and set up by VSC to do all of the heavy lifting for you including automatically putting your No-Show's back into your Dialer Campaign for re-contact, Automated Texts/Emails for Upcoming Appointments and No Shows, Automated Utility Bill requests, and a lot more...





One Month of Virtual Solar Pro Tool Kit

One Month subscription of the Virtual Solar Pro Toolkit which includes the Full VSC Solar Course, National Installation Network, Weekly Training, a Powerful Auto Dialer, Integrated Scheduling System, and a Fully Automated Back-Office completely set up for you.

Intense Month Long Bootcamp

A group Solar Bootcamp ran over 1 month designed to be the most hardcore solar sales training you've ever seen. Multiple hardcore sessions per week to completely tear you down and build you back up into a Virtual Solar Sales Pro. Max 10 seats per bootcamp.

12 x Call Review Sessions

Virtual Sales Call Review group sessions consisting of a complete review and breakdown of Bootcamp attendees Sales Call recordings with live feedback of exactly what needs to be fixed. A very heavy focus on script structure, tonality, wording, authority, control, and a deep dive into what makes a good close. All Bootcamp attendees are responsible for providing call recordings. The first 2 weeks will be focused on the appointment booking or "Discovery Call" and the last 2 weeks will be focused on the Closing Call. Attendees will be having their own calls reviewed and given feedback as well as hearing others make sales calls and receiving feedback in order to all Learn and Grow together. 3 x Call Review sessions will be held per week according to a strict schedule and all Bootcamp attendees are expected to be present.

Ultra Personalized Training

All Bootcamp attendees will get immediate feedback on at least one or two of their own sales calls to pinpoint exactly what each individual Bootcamp attendee needs to work on - Script, Tonality, Structure, Tools, Wording, Positioning, and everything in between. On top of getting your own calls reviewed you will be listening to other Bootcamp attendees calls and their feedback as well to take on that training for your own.

Complete Script Overhaul

We will be tearing apart each Bootcamp Attendee's script and building it back up into a closing machine. A Script template will be provided and used for training for the entire Bootcamp so that all attendees are speaking the same language, growing together, and learning from everyone's call reviews.

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