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Extensive, Results-Backed
Virtual Solar Sales Training

  Extensive "A to Z" Course
  Weekly Live Training Workshops
  Ongoing Mentorship
  Access to Installers Nationwide
  Solar Leads on Demand
✔  Script Templates Provided

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Designed to take someone who has never sold Solar virtually before, or never succeeded, and build them into a solid Virtual Solar Sales Pro...

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What's Included... ?

A Full Suite of Training and Resources to Get You Selling Solar Virtually.

Virtual Solar Sales Course

An intensive course curriculum made up of 30+ hours of training material focusing on absolutely everything Virtual Solar Sales.

A deep dive into the
infrastructure and tools needed to be successful, the fundamentals of proper Sales Philosophy, the correct way to Frame Solar to customers and understand it as Sales Pros, the intricate structure of scripts, how to set up golden appointments, and an intense look into what makes a perfect closing pitch and the structure that needs to be used.

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Access our Extensive Virtual Solar Sales Training

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Live Training Workshops

Every week VSC holds exclusive training sessions for students. During these training sessions we go over requested topics and review course material and how to implement it in order to maximize potential results.

We focus
strongly on Script Writing and Structure during these workshops in order to give our students the best possible understanding of how to write and implement a strong Virtual Solar Sales script in their interactions with customers.

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Script Templates

All VSC students get access to our high-performing script templates to help them create their perfect solar-selling scripts. We utilize these script templates throughout training to teach the importance of Structure, Order, and Customer Psychology.

Separate Templates are available for Appointment Setting Scripts and Closing Scripts

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Installers Nationwide

All VSC students gain access to our National Installation Network capable of getting Sales installed in every market in the US! A National Installation Network is key for any Virtual Solar Sales Pro that wants to sell remotely into other states.

Our National Installation Network comes with
Competitive Redlines, Finance Options, and a full admin team looking after your customers.

Sell Solar Virtually into any Market you want!

Solar Leads on Demand

Students gain access to our Aged Solar Lead on Demand Program which allows them to fill their schedule with appointments using our vetted and tested aged solar leads. We also have a 1:1 replacement guarantee for all leads that have incorrect contact information!

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*Actual calendar of Solar Appointments generated by our Leads.

Fill your schedule with solar appointments

Traning Outline

Course Summary

Here's what to expect in our intensive Virtual Solar Sales Course

  Tech, Leads, Installers, Automations...

  Tonality, Differentiation, Objections...

  Goals, Approach, Script, Structure...

  Structure, Authority, Psychology...

Jump into the amazing opportunity of Virtual Solar Sales!

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