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VSC Members now have access to some of the best Aged Solar Leads out there. If you apply VSC Training Strategies, are using the correct tools, and put in hard work you will find opportunity.

7 Day Trial


$ 599

100 Aged Solar Leads


✔️  100x Tier 1 Aged Solar Leads

✔️  Highest Quality Available

✔️  Perfect For Individuals


Most Popular


250 Aged Solar Leads


✔️  250x Tier 2 Aged Solar Leads

✔️  Great for Pros on a Budget

✔️  Perfect For Using a Dialer



$ 699

500 Aged Solar Leads


✔️  500x Tier 3 Aged Solar Leads

✔️ Most Affordable Leads

✔️ Good for App Setter Teams




Leads do not equal sales. You must still put the work in, have the correct training and tools, and approach your leads correctly. Sales will not be handed to you on a silver platter! If you haven't already, go through your VSC Course Content and attend training sessions to maximize your results. Make sure you have the tools necessary to efficiently handle these lead - such as an auto dialer and a solid script. VSC offers every tool you will need in our Solar CRM.

Orde Leads

Lead Types


Tier 1 leads are the most fresh type of leads - generally only 7 days old. They hold the most opportunity for anyone with the correct tools and training.


Tier 2 leads are for Virtual Solar Pros on a budget. They are between 30 - 60 days old and still hold immense opportunity for those with the correct approach.


Tier 3 leads are 60+ days old and perfect for larger teams with appointment setters dialing at volume every day. Opportunity comes with correct tools and approach.


Frequently Asked Questions




How Much do VSC Aged Solar Leads Cost?

VSC Aged Solar Leads between $1 - $10 each depending on the type of lead you need and the volume you require. See "Lead Types" above to get an understanding of each Lead Type.



Are VSC Solar Leads Exclusive?

No, VSC Solar Leads are not guaranteed exclusive. That is why they are substantially cheaper than leads would be if they came exclusive. "Exclusive" Solar Leads generally cost $30-$50+ per lead and in our opinion do not give that much more opportunity.



Is There a Certain Way to Approach These Leads?

Absolutely! These leads must be approached a certain way. Go to the "Leads" section in the VSC Virtual Solar Sales Course to find out more about how to approach different types of leads and what to expect.



Can I Order Solar Leads Without the VSC Training?

Anyone can order Solar Leads regardless of whether they are a VSC member or not. However, we strongly recommend against it - without the correct approach and tools results will be limited.

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