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Virtual Solar Club?

World Class Solar Pros Sell Solar Virtually With Virtual Solar Club...

Testimonials - Nick Tvrdy
Testimonials - Zuri Vankevich
Testimonials - Paul Timpson
Testimonials - Joey Teng
Testimonials - Rob Knudson
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Course Library

An intensive course curriculum made up of 350+ hours of training material focusing on absolutely everything Virtual Solar Sales. Commonly known as the "Dictionary" of Virtual Solar Sales used by countless individuals and teams. We add 6 hours of new virtual solar sales training every single week!

Live Training

Every week we hold 5x exclusive live training sessions for VSC Members. During these training sessions we cover requested topics, objections, processes and do Call Reviews to give immediate feedback in order to maximize results. Get your sales calls reviewed by very experienced virtual solar sales pros weekly.

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Members get access to multiple subsidized lead programs including cold, aged, and exclusive inbound leads across our entire installation territory.

On top of access to leads, get lead-specific training on exactly how to close those leads efficiently.

Install Network

Out installation network combines quality local installers across the US to fulfill your customer's installs. Local installers means quick installs and quick commissions.

Track your installs using our transparent project tracker from sale to install. 

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Virtual Solar Club has spent years developing the most powerful Solar Sales Tech in the industry called Sunivo. Sunivo is the technology backbone of our platform and includes a CRM, Scheduling System, System Design, Multi-Dialer, Automations, Project Tracker, Commission Reports, and so more much.

Learn more about Sunivo


You do not have to sell solar remotely alone. Virtual Solar Club is a large, global community of solar pros selling solar virtually from multiple continents into the US market.

Engage with community members in our training portal's discussion forums, find accountability partners, ask questions, and access resources all in one place.

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Virtual Solar Club holds training events and remote-work locations every year to gather the community together.

There is nothing stronger than like-minded individuals getting together and working towards the same goal!

Recent Virtual Solar Club member results taken straight from our Sales Announcement channel!

Results Speak For Themselves...