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Sell Solar Virtually From Your Computer.

The All-In-One Virtual Solar Sales Platform.


  Call and Text Leads
  Book and Track Appointments 
  Easily Design Systems
  Run Finance Applications
  Send Documents for Signature
✔  Submit Jobs to Install Network

Start Selling From Your Computer Today

Platform Features

Every feature you need to sell and submit leads from your computer.

Appointment Booking System

Set your availability and book customer's seamlessly into your in-platform calendar. Keep track of all your future and past appointments in a clear and concise schedule to maximize your time management.

Book more appointments from the comfort of your home.

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Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 1.11.30 AM.png

2-Way Texting Dashboard

Communicate with your prospects via SMS/MMS text messaging right on the CRM platform. No need to have an existing phone number or to give out your personal phone number to customers anymore - have all of your Solar texts in one place.

Start talking to customers today!

Online Dialer

Call your customers straight from the platform. No need to have an existing number and no more using your personal phone to make business calls. Call any lead with one click whenever you need to.

Increase your volume of opportunity overnight.

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Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 1.19.37 AM.png

Full Automation Suite

Easily create and trigger automatic SMS Follow-Up sequences so you don't have to remember to follow up with customers. Includes customer appointment reminders, No-Show Follow Ups, No-Sale Follow Ups, Weekly Customer Install Status Updates, and More...

Let the robots do all the work for you!

System Design

Design your customer's system with our integrated System Design software. Simple drag and drop panel placement with a selection of panels, inverters, and any adders required.

Fill your schedule with solar appointments

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 1.23.59 AM.png
Traning Outline

Run Finance Instantly

Offer a wide range of financing options and term lengths to your customers to maximize approvals and sales. Run finance applications from the platform -  7 - 25 year term lengths available.

Sell Solar Virtually into any Market you want!

Pre-Filled Document Sending

Easily send documents to your customers for signatures with a click of a button that are pre-filled based on your system design details. No manually filling out documents or trying to explain to customers how to complete documents. One click, one signature, form completed.

Sell Solar Virtually into any Market you want!

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Installer Network

Either utilize our national install network to sell into any market in the US or integrate your own installer into our platform for a seamless Sales and Fulfilment process.

Sell Solar Virtually into any Market you want!


Project Manager

Track your jobs as they progress through stages. Check if anything is required for your jobs to streamline installation process and maintain customer happiness. 

Sell Solar Virtually into any Market you want!

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Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 1.51.48 AM.png

Team Builder

Build your own team right on the platform and customize each team members redline and options. Scale up your team rapidly with our All-In-One Virtual Solar Sales platform and Training content.

Sell Solar Virtually into any Market you want!

Preview Content

Bonus Resources

Make the next move and prepare yourself for the upcoming Solar boom with the most extensive Virtual Solar Sales platform in the world.


Additional Training and Resources Available

  Virtual Solar Sales Training
  Ongoing Mentorship
  Solar Leads On Demand
  24/7 Support
  Onboarding and Strategy Calls
✔  Weekly Live Training Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Go Month-to-Month?

Yes! Your CRM License is based on a monthly-basis and our platform and Training is updated on a weekly basis.

What are your redlines?

Our redlines are different for every state and market. We operate on a "Base Price" + Volumetric Bonus model. If you'd like to discuss Redlines and get more details on our integrated Dealer Program you can schedule a strategy call after you register your CRM account.

I'm a Beginner, Is This For Me?

Absolutely! Virtual Solar Club's Tech and Training is built for both the beginner and advanced Solar Pro. Regardless of where you are in your Solar Journey, you will find value in this power Solar Sales Tool.

Can this be used for In-Home or D2D?

Of course! Our platform has all the fundamental features to sell solar whether you are selling virtually or not. However, we additionally have many virtual-specfic features that will let you make the transition seamlessly!

Do I Have to Use Your Installers?

No, Virtual Solar Club students and platform users do not need to use our installers in order to utilize our platform. However, you will always have our installers ready for you in case you want to start selling virtually into another market in which you do not have any installers in or need another option.

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