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Solar Leads On Demand

Fill your schedule with our high-opportunity aged solar leads using the training and processes we teach you.

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*Actual calendar of Solar Appointments generated by our Leads.

Leads For Your Area, and Your Budget.

Get leads in any location, matching your budget, at any time.

Quality Aged Leads

Aged Solar Leads are, in our opinion, the best possible leads for solar pros to get results without breaking the bank. Our aged leads are guaranteed never resold to anybody but you - this is one of the primary reasons Solar Pros get up to 4x more results with our aged leads!

Any Location You Need

Target any market you want whether that be a specific Utility Company's area, a city, a state, or multiple locations or regions at once. You will be required to supply either a zipcode list with a radius, a city with a radius, or a broad region if exact location isn't important.

Different Leads For Different Budgets

Our leads are broken down into 3 categories - Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 leads. Each lead type is differentiated by the age of the leads. Tier 1 being the most "fresh", highest opportunity, and highest cost.

1:1 Replacement Guarantee

We replace any leads with incorrect contact information. Simply provide us with a call recording which shows the contact information given is incorrect and we will send you a replacement immediately.


Choose Your Package

Choose your Lead Type and Volume. Location and Utility preferences will be requested after you place your order.




- Under 30 Days Old -






Have Questions?
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Lead Delivery Information:


As soon as we receive funds for your order we will start processing. This can take between 2-5 Business Days so please make sure to order in advance of when you need your leads. Feel free to follow up on an order by emailing



Leads do not equal sales. You must still put the work in, have the correct training and tools, and approach your leads correctly. Sales will not be handed to you on a silver platter! To maximize results and get a good understanding of how to approach these leads it is strongly suggested to enroll in VSC's Training Program. In addition, make sure you have the tools necessary to efficiently handle these lead such as an auto dialer, CRM, and a solid script. 

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